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When your baby’s first tooth starts to pop through their gums it’s a very exciting mile stone as a parents. Once they start getting a couple teeth in you may even venture out to buy their first toothbrush right away. I know as a first time parent you may be wondering when should I even buy my baby’s first toothbrush? It’s never to early to start.

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Baby Teeth Brushing Tips

It is never to early to start. You may start off by cleaning their gums.
Once their first tooth starts to poke out of their gums, start brushing their gums and teeth gently.
Clean your baby’s teeth each day by using a small toothbrush.
Tooth brushes come in stages by numbers. Smallest to largest. It is pretty self explanatory, but make sure you read each package.
Make sure when your buying toothpaste for your infant your doing homework and reading the package. Again it usually is labeled in stages by numbers.
Allow them to get use to the toothbrush and chew on it once in a while. It’s okay trust me as long as you are watching. Great for teething.
As they your baby grows older and all his or her teeth have popped in place you now have a set routine, or at least you should bye now. My Daughters are now old enough to walk themselves into the bathroom and prepare their own toothbrushes. I then go in and turn the water on because the faucet is a little tricky. I cannot wait to replace that thing. I still help our two youngest to make sure they are cleaning their pretty white teeth well enough. After brushing and rinsing their pretty whites they floss. Once in a while we will do a mouth wash, only if it’s organic.

Toddler Teeth Brushing Tips
Set a routine early. I set a daily routine with all three of my Daughter’s before they could even walk, seriously. Children need routine. It is very important and key.
Brush with your kids. Who would of thunk? If you want your kids to start a good habit they have to see you do it sometimes right? So start brushing your teeth with them whenever you are able to. I brush my teeth with my Daughters every morning when we are all getting ready for school. Set that good example.
Allow independent. I know this may be tricky if their just learning to brush their teeth or not that good at brushing their teeth. Though we still have to give them that independence sometimes. I’m not saying all the time, but sometimes. Allow them feel to feel some sort of confidence.
Use the correct supplies. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash and timer. We use a timer just like pictured. I stress this because my oldest had to have this toothbrush a while ago that I knew was too big for her mouth. Yet she still needed it. I caved. She then figured out it was too big for her and went back to her old toothbrush. Hence why I state above the stages of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Our Daughters love picking our toothbrushes and toothpaste. It makes brushing their teeth so much more fun. Therefore next time you run out allow your child to help pick it out.
Also as a Mother I am picky about what goes in my child’s mouth. I am a huge Tom’s fan when it comes to toothpaste and so are my Daughters. They even have non-fluoride toothpaste now. Yay! Above I made a collage of a few tooth brushing items we use. My Daughters and I are huge fans now of the Woobamboo toothbrushes. I had the honor of doing a review for their company. Okay my Daughters did, and I get to write. Ha ha. They are light weight and perfect size for their mouths. I love as a Mother when your kids find that favorite toothbrush and they cannot wait to brush their teeth. I honestly was sketchy how the bamboo would hold up. Honestly it works out great and I feel so at ease knowing my kids are using an Eco friendly chemical free toothbrush.

Why you should choose Woobamboo!
Organic, biodegradable bamboo handle
Coated in natural wax for durability
Non-toxic, BPA-free, and Antimicrobial
Panda- friendly
Come in different sizes. Standard, slim and sprout
Enter for a chance to win your own pair of children’s Eco friendly Woobamboo toothbrushes. Feel at ease while your child is brushing their teeth.

Top Four Toddler and Baby Tooth Brushing Tips!