Summer break is officially here. School is out and soon enough our kids will be saying those famous words, “I’m bored.” This summer as a SAHM I decided to come up with my own list with my two older Daughters help. Before we knew had already had over fifty ideas for all of us to do as a family and for them to do to keep busy.

summer bucket list 2

Most of these ideas are pretty simple. A few would be great to maybe even make a weekend trip or a day trip. Some are education. A few may even get those smart brains rolling inside along with their creativeness. Of course You cannot forget to add in some kindness and volunteer. Feel free to print this off.[ I do not have a PDF of the bucket list yet.]

2016 Summer Bucket List For Family & Kids
  1. Go to the beach
  2. Visit your local library and check out books
  3. Visit your local library for story time
  4. Visit your local library for craft time
  5. Go out for ice-cream with family
  6. Go to the beach
  7. Go to the local zoo
  8. Go to the park
  9. Go to a park you have not been to yet
  10. Go to a water park
  11. Go to a local pool.
  12. Have a play date with a friend
  13. Have a sleepover with a best friend
  14. Catch bufferflys
  15. Make homemade ice-cream
  16. Have a campfire in the backyard
  17. Go camping
  18. Go for a family walk
  19. Visit with your cousins
  20. Go to a 4TH of July parade
  21. Go to a movie in a movie theater
  22. Play outside with your neighbors
  23. Go for a bike ride
  24. Have a lemonade stand sale
  25. Play chalk art
  26. Make homemade bubbles and blow bubbles
  27. Go on a nature hike
  28. Go on a scavenge hunt
  29. Paint rocks
  30. Visit a farmers market
  31. Plant a garden and watch it grow
  32. Make a fairy garden
  33. Go fishing with Dad or Mom
  34. Fly a kite on a windy day
  35. Have a cook out
  36. Go geo-caching
  37. Have a water balloon fight
  38. Go apple picking
  39. Go blueberry picking
  40. Go strawberry picking
  41. Catch fireflies
  42. Go on a picnic
  43. Have a movie in the backyard
  44. Have a garage sale
  45. Work as a family at your local kids food basket
  46. Volunteer
  47. Have a family game night
  48. Drive out to the country
  49. Camp in your backyard
  50. Play in the sprinkler
  51. Read as a family
  52. Dance in the rain
  53. Make crafts
  54. Paint
  55. Build a sand castle
  56. Attend a summer camp
  57. Write a summer journal
  58. Watch the sunset
  59. Attend a bible camp
  60. Watch fireworks
  61. Take a walk on the beach
  62. Look at the stars
  63. Write a letter to a friend

What does your family love doing now that it is summer break? Is it something you do every summer?

50+ Summer Bucket List For Family And Kids!