This past Mother’s Day I received a special heart warming letter from my Daughters. In one of them letters my Daughter expressed how she felt about me as her Mother. Of course every point stuck out to me like shinning glitter but this one stuck out to me and stayed…

I love you because you are fun.

As a Mother I feel we strive to be our best in Motherhood at everything. We strive to be the most caring, loving, down to earth, punctual and the best role models for our children. All while we are trying to be our best at everything we want to remind our Daughters and Sons that we are still fun. All while trying to be that perfect Mother I feel sometimes I personally start to slip in the fun area.  Yes we are busy educating our children at home to be the smartest but sometimes I have learned you just have to let your hair down and have fun.

Be silly and get your wiggles out with your kids.

They won’t look at you differently. If only they will look at you and think, “heck yeah that’s my Mom!” With that being said, here is how to be that fun Mom. Here is how I earned the fun Mom title.

How To Be A Fun Mom

Be spiratic! Kids love surprises.  kids LOVE it when I say with excitement out of nowhere, “lets go to the park!” Kids love surprises.

Play with your kids.  Believe it or not it’s great therapy for yourself as well to get on the floor and play for a little bit with your child. Your child needs that one on one interaction with you. Be silly when you play. Right now for me is ponies and barbies.

Go on adventure walks.  When we go on walks we like to turn them into adventure walks. It’s also educating at the same time.  We collect things.

Take your child thrifting.  This is mainly for my oldest Daughter who is closer to turning 8 years old. I have taught her the gift of going thrifting for the fun of it. Now she really enjoys hitting the local thrift stores. It is also a great lesson to be taught and just simply fun.

Make crafts with your kids. I have always enjoyed crafts since I was a young girl and to be honest it never grows old.

Dance. Turn the music on and just dance. Be silly. Sing loud. Have a dance party in your living room. We do almost on a daily. Music and dance is great for your soul.

Let loose. It’s okay if there is dishes in your sink, worry about that later when your kids are in bed. Enjoy your kids while you can, before we all know it we will be shopping them off to college. Tear…tear.

Be silly.  Have fun and act like a kid once in a while. It’s okay sometimes it feels great to be a kid again. Trust me. When I swing on the swings next to me Daughters the world feels so care free again for those few seconds and they think I am the most fun Mom in the world!

Let your kids help out. Allow your kids to be involved in the kitchen. They love to be little helpers whether its helping you in the kitchen or as simple as dusting.

What do you strive to be the best at as a Mother?

How To Be That Fun Mom