Our Family Vacation!

Here is a little story about our first family vacation!

our-limo-rentalAbout two weeks ago my lovely husband decided to surprise the kids and I with a trip to Los Angeles, California! We traveled in first class via united airlines and stayed in the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel. The hotel was hand picked by me becuase i wanted my family to enjoy nothing but the best for their first trip to Los Angeles.

The kids were extremely excited especially when our friends at http://lalimos.net decided that they read more

Review: Grasshopper Dry Herb Vaporizer

The demand for a¬†high-performance pocket-friendly dry herb vaporizer has always been huge! There’s no doubt about my previous statement but, unfortunately, when it comes to vaping dry herbs it’s really tricky to pack that performance into a small package.

Over the years, the industry seen a lot of companies try and in most cases, fail to make something pen size that’s also practical and comfortable to use. There are a lot of dry herb vaporizers out there that either burns the read more

How To Be That Fun Mom

This past Mother’s Day I received a special heart warming letter from my Daughters. In one of them letters my Daughter expressed how she felt about me as her Mother. Of course every point stuck out to me like shinning glitter but this one stuck out to me and stayed…

I love you because you are fun.

As a Mother I feel we strive to be our best in Motherhood at everything. We strive to be the most caring, loving, down to earth, punctual and the best role models for our children. All while read more

50+ Summer Bucket List For Family And Kids!

Summer break is officially here. School is out and soon enough our kids will be saying those famous words, “I’m bored.” This summer as a SAHM I decided to come up with my own list with my two older Daughters help. Before we knew had already had over fifty ideas for all of us to do as a family and for them to do to keep busy.

summer bucket list 2

Most of these ideas are pretty simple. A few would be great to maybe even make a weekend trip or a day trip. Some are education. A few may even get those read more

Top Four Toddler and Baby Tooth Brushing Tips!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
When your baby’s first tooth starts to pop through their gums it’s a very exciting mile stone as a parents. Once they start getting a couple teeth in you may even venture out to buy their first toothbrush right away. I know as a first time parent you may be wondering when should I even buy my baby’s first toothbrush? It’s never to early to start.

tsau toothbrush
Baby Teeth Brushing Tips

It is never to early to start. You may read more

How To Find The Right Pre-School + GIVEAWAY

With summer soon coming to an end and school soon starting up I have well…school on my brain. My two older Daughters are set in their school where they are going to grow and learn. As far as our youngest Daughter, she still has to attend pre-school. She is our last Daughter to go through pre-school and leaves me with the stress of pre-school. But it doesn’t always have to be stressful.

After learning from my two older Daughters going through pre-school I now know how to relieve the read more