With summer soon coming to an end and school soon starting up I have well…school on my brain. My two older Daughters are set in their school where they are going to grow and learn. As far as our youngest Daughter, she still has to attend pre-school. She is our last Daughter to go through pre-school and leaves me with the stress of pre-school. But it doesn’t always have to be stressful.

After learning from my two older Daughters going through pre-school I now know how to relieve the stress of preschool. Here is how.

How To Find The Right Pre-School

Do not wait till the last minute. I cannot stress this more. Start you research for your child preschool early. It could be when their two years old. A year before they start is perfect time to calling around, interviewing, walking through the schools, and meeting the teachers. Bring your child with you too, after all they will be the one to attend. Parents don’t realize it but most of the stress comes from waiting till the last minute and the first day of pre-school.
Get references and opinions. Word of mouth is sometimes a great way to find the best pre-school. Although what one parent thinks is great and likes may not always be like you like for your child. Remember though that does not make them or you a bad parent. I found my second Daughters pre-school by word of mouth by family and friends. I called, walked through, meet with the teacher and loved it!
Research. Research what the pre-school teaches. What curriculum do they use? Make sure you take notes and ask when you meet with the teacher and principle. What type of discipline do they use? Safety rules, etc. These are all great things you may not think about on the spot. You will not look silly with paper and a pen when you walk in. Trust me. You are a proud parent doing your job seriously. Teachers love to see that.
Cost. Most pre-school are not free. At least around where we live. Again schools will usually work with you if you need to, just ask. But don’t worry there are free pre-schools out there that are great.
Comfort. Lastly, Make sure as a parent you feel comfortable dropping your child off at pre-school. You want to make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed into the building. And most importantly…your child need to feel the most comfortable. They will cry maybe a few time. That is normal. That shall stop eventually. Some may not even cry. I’ve had both worlds as a Mother dropping my two older daughters off on the first days.

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How To Find The Right Pre-School + GIVEAWAY